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Mobile workforce

reduces overheads and manual data input

Mobile workforce in cabin

Paperless future

Enabling superior driver performance.

Truck driver Reinis

More competitive

With extreme route efficiency, ease of use, less driver interaction and smooth back-office integration

Mobile Workforce

Paperless future and higher margins

We are looking forward to a paperless future through mobile. With extensive experience in implementing mobile solutions, we focus on investing in operational excellence. And optimizing operations with IoT (Internet of Things), wireless sensors, RFID, PTO and CANbus.

Mobile Workforce, our revolutionary  onboard computer and in-cab tablet solution, enables you to reduce costs, increase efficiency and helps eliminate revenue leakage in your collection operations. Giving a return on investment within three to six months. With Mobile Workforce, more work is done. While your customers will appreciate a higher level of service, faster billing and optimized routing.

Mobile is paperless

It’s time to say goodbye to working with paper. Thanks to our mobile solutions, the paperless future is here. Making you far more competitive, it reduces overhead and manual data input. With extreme route efficiency, ease of use and less driver interaction.

We care about people

Digital transformation improves health and safety. As the world’s largest provider of software to the waste and recycling industry, we care about our people and our customers.

The ultimate App for mobile devices

Our in-cab (mobile) solution App is easy to use, operates in real time with a complete overview, and provides smooth back-office integration. This mobile order management app enables digital schedule updates, customer information access, and real-time addition of ad hoc orders, intelligent turn-by-turn navigation, and more. With a significant reduction in wasted journeys, miles travelled, fuel usage and emissions. 

Business Drivers

Revenue assurance

Revenue assurance and margin optimization Maximize your revenues

With Mobile workforce, you always stay connected with your fleet and drivers. Now you can get more out of each asset and resource, and reduce operational costs (paper, handling, printing, storage). Fewer vehicles doing the same jobs, leading to fewer flex workers and better revenues. The app prevents revenue leakage. It monitors and registers the complete process, ensuring the invoicing of all executed operations.


The app realizes better revenues by recording: 

Customers serviced, routes driven and non-planned bins emptied, collections missed and extra pick-upsReal-time data for back office and data to calculate actual costsSigning off for faster billing and cash-flow

Process standardization

Business process standardization and harmonization Manage what you can measure

Our mobile solutions use standard and managed interfaces between the app/on boardcomputer and back-end software. Ideal for expanding  this provides standardization and harmonization of business processes. With significant cost savings.

Mobile workforce ensures:Routes are driven as planned, includes route guidance and limit mileage leakage.
Recording more collections for extra billing/invoicing.Registration of all movements and actions, Processing all the data you need to calculate profits.

Health and safety increase by using:The vehicle inspection report, which is filled out every day.Blind spot cameras, which is seen on the app in 360 degrees.Auto-response systems to avoid accidents.

Resource optimization

Resource and asset optimization Optimize the use of your assets

People, vehicles and containers are valuable assets. Mobile solutions provide the best use of assets for reduced costs. It increases route density by knowing where the trucks are located, and what jobs they are executing at any time. From the back office, the system allocates ad-hoc jobs in real time to the nearest driver. Putting the right truck on the right track.

Business digitalization

Business digitalization Profit from paperless

Mobile means paperless. Digital transformation is inevitable. The new digital world puts the power in your hands. Data and information are critical.

Mobile workforce

Eliminates the paperwork in the truck using digital route sheetsProvides turn-by-turn navigation for the driverRecords proof of service using digital signatures, picture recording, time and GPS stampsAutomates the vehicle inspection reportPushes maintenance requests directly to the workshopSends digital driver tickets and invoices to customers

Scalable architecture

Proven scalable and agile cloud architecture Scalable services with cloud management

Our solutions are cloud based. There is no need for expensive machines. Our scalable services take care of all mobile device management.

Mobile workforce ensures:

Endless scalability

Central management, totally safe

24/7 technical support

Fleets proven from 3 – 10,000 trucks


Compliance (legal, governance) Comply with local and International legislation

Companies in the Waste & Recycling industry are bound to strict rules and regulations. National and local governments are implementing waste directives. We understand that legislation changes while governments promote recycling and the industry is moving to a circular economy. Helping you to stay current and compliant is a major driver of the AMCS ERP system.

The AMCS platform supports:

  • National & international waste directives
  • (Digital) Waste Transfer Notes
  • Multi-legislation support
  • European Waste Catalogue (EWC)
  • Duty of Care
  • Landfill tax administration
  • Hazardous Waste directives & reporting

Mobile Workforce benefits

Reduced revenue leakage. All work is recorded, with full fleet oversightAbility to monitor driverImproved customer service and issue resolutionAbility to add ad hoc jobs improves operational efficiency

Paperless workflow reduces errors and improves efficiencyDaily safety checks and driver events improve productivity

Mobile Workforce features

Send daily routes and schedules to mobile device and add ad hoc orders during dayView list and map overview of planned route and work ordersView detailed customer information Capture signatures, photos, GPS, etc.Intelligent turn-by-turn navigationGeocoding supportElectronically record disposal information. No more disposal ticket data entry

Our intention was to create a completely new category of working efficiency for the driver, planner and operational manager. With RFID, GPS, weighing, and in-cab mobile devices in an all-in-one solution. Empowering paperless round sheets, real-time tracking and planning, real-time monitoring of canbus data, bin management and maintenance.


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