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Software for the Waste and Recycling Industry

AMCS offers software for the waste and recycling industry.  Our AMCS Platform is an enterprise-grade cloud and software platform that is designed based on the best practice processes of thousands of waste and recycling companies across the globe. Our platform is inspired by global market trends, driving automation and delivering end-to-end standardization and optimization of all your business processes.

Scalable platform

A platform that enables established waste management & recycling companies to operate smarter, more seamlessly and more digitally. With this platform we have created an ultra-modern, scalable platform that marries industry-specific software with best-in-class optimization capabilities, e-commerce ingenuity, and on-vehicle technologies. We empower our customers with an intelligent platform that predicts and actions, while supporting the ongoing transformation of the industry to a circular economy.


Success for life

At AMCS we are driven by the results we deliver and are passionately committed to our Customer’s success ‘for life’. We consider ourselves ‘digital warriors’, driving practical circular economy innovations for a sustainable planet.

We are AMCS.

“Digital ways to a cleaner world”



Enterprise Management

Enterprise Management (ERP) Get your business processes ready for the future

Open your eyes to greater profit and productivity with our globally acclaimed Enterprise Management (ERP) systems. We have automated hundreds of back-offices for clients around the world with our single platform approach. 


Customer Relation ManagementContract & Price ManagementPlanning & Dispatch ManagementResource & Asset ManagementSub contractor managementInbound & Outbound ManagementMaterial tradingBilling & Financial Management

Enterprise Management

Mobile Workforce

Mobile Workforce Paperless future and higher margins

AMCS Mobile Workforce enables you to reduce costs, increase efficiency and helps eliminate revenue leakage in your collection operations. Giving a return on investment within three to six months.

Planning & Dispatch Management

Digital RoutingFleet and activity monitoringVehicle Technology IntegrationBin ManagementSafety monitoring

Mobile Workforce

Vehicle Technology

Vehicle Technology More efficiency and higher revenues

The next generation of fully calibrated, real-time and, robust bin management is here. Designed by our highly skilled team of engineers, on-board weighing, bin identification and waste collection has never been easier. 


CAN-bus / sensor integration (Vehicle Data Hub)

Certified On-Board weighing

Lift tracking / gps matching


Camera integration

Vehicle Technology

Intelligent Optimization

Intelligent Optimization Why invest in route optimization

Making the move from manual routing and dispatch to automatic route optimization can help your business improve asset utilisation, enhance customer service, reduce mileage and driving time, and lower your overall carbon footprint.


Route optimization & planningAgile / event driven re-optimizationOn demand Service OptimizationPrice Optimization (time slotting)Supply chain optimizationInventory optimizationAsset & resource optimizationOrder to cash optimization

Intelligent Optimization

Digital Engagement

Digital Engagement Digitize your business and make it future proof

This new digital platform enables customers to promptly order waste collection services, and interact with waste operators online. It also provides the opportunity for waste operators to service customers through social media, digital assistants and connected devices.


Subcontractor ManagementAuction platformCustomer & partner web portalsCustomer Service automationDigital payment channels Digital data exchange

Digital Engagement


Analytics Get your business processes ready for the future

Operational, financial and performance data is key for our customers to enable them to determine profitability of their services, operations and customers.


Data extraction toolsIndustry specific data cubesData visualization and BIRole based dashboards


The heart of our organization

The real benefit from Enterprise Management for Mr.John, is having visibility on what is going on daily in our entire operations. 

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kmG Hauling

Linda Brown- senior Director: "kmG is a family owned business and is founded in 2002 with the principle in mind that customer service would be what separated us from the competition. So we take pride in that. It was important to us to find a technology partner that would help  us get to that higher  level of service. And we have found that with AMCS."

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