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21 Mar 2018

Technology Companies and Products to Look Out for at WasteExpo

Article by Waste360

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Technology Companies and Products to Look Out for at WasteExpo

Several companies will be showing off the latest and greatest technology at this year’s WasteExpo. - Original article by Hunter Kuffel | Mar 21, 2018, Waste360
Technology is transforming the way that waste is being collected, processed and treated in the U.S., and much of that technology will be on display at this year’s WasteExpo, held April 23-26 in Las Vegas.

Attendees will be able to see products ranging from fullness monitors and optical sorters to on-board computing systems and web platforms. There is undoubtedly something for everyone.

AMCS Group

AMCS Group, the global software and technology company, will be showcasing its waste services platform at this year’s WasteExpo. The cloud-based platform consists of six solutions designed to help clients profit from the circular economy: Enterprise Management, Mobile Workforce, Vehicle Technology, Intelligent Optimization, Digital Engagement and Analytics. Clients can use single solutions or integrate them all into a single platform.

The Enterprise Management solution is the heart of the platform, designed to cover the full waste management process. Some of the features include customer and contract management systems, asset management systems, route planning and execution and administrative tools like accounts receivable and personnel administration.

The Mobile Workforce solution is AMCS’ on-board computer and in-cab tablet technology. The user interface provides real-time data and integration with the back office, and its ease of use prevents driver distraction. Operations are optimized with Internet of Things (IoT), wireless sensors and radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology.

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The Vehicle Technology solution has been fitted on more than 5,000 vehicles across the U.S., helping customers to improve bin and container management. The hardware works in tandem with the AMCS Mobile Workforce technology, but it doesn’t have to. Through RFID technology, this solution provides haulers with instant service verification, graphical representation of routes and real-time access to vehicle and service data.

Through the Intelligent Optimization solution, haulers have the potential to generate extra capacity without the need to expand the fleet. The solution provides master route optimization as well as second-by-second dynamic optimization.

The Digital Engagement solution is an online platform that allows waste operators to streamline their operations by going digital. Sending jobs to subcontractors and receiving invoices from suppliers are both possible through the platform. It also offers customer service automation and e-commerce, eliminating the need for dozens of phone calls and emails.

Finally, the Analytics solution provides insights into any waste provider’s operations as well as enterprise-wide transparency. The data collected through the AMCS suite of solutions is presented in an easily consumed format that allows businesses to improve decision-making and efficiency.

“We see a lot of value in our relationship with Waste360 and the annual WasteExpo,” says Mark Abbas, chief marketing officer for AMCS. “WasteExpo provides a unique forum for us to engage face-to-face with our customers, prospective customers and our partners. We look forward to the opportunity to exhibit innovation in our solutions–cloud, process automation and intelligent route optimization–exchange insights and learn from the market.”

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