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We can complete a weighing within a few seconds, mostly below 30 seconds.

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The main advantage of AMCS/Recy is the complete compatibility with all systems.

Karle Recycling

We improve all our processes in this AMCS/Recy solution

Karle Recycling is a medium sized disposal group with 200 employees. In our parent company Karle-Recycling we deal with complete waste disposal, services, but mostly scrap metal. 


Stefan Karle, CEO Karle Recycling: "There is never only one problem in such an everyday life, but many problems that need to be solved. From checking the creditworthiness of customers, the logistical challenges, checking incoming goods and the whole commercial process behind it. Thanks to AMCS/Recy's solution we have a toolbox with which we can tackle all these problems.


"We have been using the solution from AMCS/Recy for 30 years now. We have repeatedly asked ourselves, whether this is still the right solution for us, because our company has changed so much, and in the end we ended up with AMCS Recy again. We invest in license plate recognition cameras and in scanners for ID cards. We connect our video systems to the system. We use mobile grading - the versatility of it in our day to day tasks, is really well presented in this solution and if the functionality does not exist yet, we develop it together with AMCS." according to Karle.

Bastian Lauer, Head of Customer Services: "Before the implementation of AMCS Recy, things looked completely different. You have to imagine that 30 years ago, people still used a manual weighbridge and created weigh tickets and made settlements with a typewriter and paper and pencil. In today's world the requirements are completely different. It’s digital. It has to be fast. It must be efficient and must be competitive. You can only implement all these things if you have a fast, good and efficient ERP system.

The main advantage of Recy AMCS is the complete compatibility with all systems. We currently have three companies working with Recy, working with the same customers and with the same types of waste. This is one form of integration - we can map different companies in the Karle Group there - and the other is the process. We can depict all topics in this system that are related to our daily lives or activities, from the customer inquiry to the financial accounting for the trucks. That means all company specifics and all process specifics are in one system. In this respect, we are very, very happy and grateful that there are industry-specific solutions that do justice to our specific needs."


"We use two very important KPIs, which are used as leading indicators for us. On the one hand, every week we collect the number of tonnages in incoming goods. On the other hand, we also collect the number of weighings every week. If we look at these trends every week, we see: What about the business cycle? How do our customers react to price changes, for example? All this information is very, very important for us to use as leading indicators. We have been using license plate recognition on our weigbridges for a few years now. It helps us to significantly reduce our processes and our weighing times. We can complete a weighing within a few seconds, mostly below 30 seconds. This helps us, it helps our customers, but also our turnaround times here on site. So, it's only in an example like this that you can see that process optimisation or improvement is always worth striving for."according to Lauer.


Bastian Lauer;"AMCS Recy is a true partner for us. The solution is the heart of our operations and important for us. We improve all our processes in this solution. In this respect we are of course satisfied on the one hand and on the other hand we would not use it any further if that was not the case. On the other hand there is always room for development and potential for improvement. Our task together with AMCS Recy is to continuously develop the program."

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