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Customer Self-Service

Customer Self Service takes the pressure off your customer service department by automating common interactions, such as the taking of orders, dealing with complaints and queries.

Build trust with customers by offering responsive and personalized support on their preferred channels. With 24/7 support and easy access to the answers they need. Wherever they are, we create great customer engagement.

The system allows operators to configure automated responses to common queries received from customers such as balance inquiries, calendar inquiries and repeat orders. The system itself uses a range of plug-ins that allow interaction through 3rd party platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa. It also includes support for hardware devices such as fill-sensors and buttons attached to the end-customer account.

Customer Web Portal

The AMCS Customer Portal is a self-service portal for end-customers to manage their account. This secure SaaS solution enables waste and recycling operators to empower end-customers with account specific information and services, such as new customer sign-up, order requests, invoice management, payment processing and reporting tools.

The customer portal has been designed and developed based on the needs of the industry. It is built to enhance and enrich customer engagement, automate interactions and optimize industry processes.

The solution is fully integrated with the AMCS Enterprise Management solution and offers three flexible delivery options: a branded portal delivered on designed templates; an enterprise option that also includes a content management system for full customization; widgets, that can integrate customer’s current portal with the AMCS Enterprise Management solution. 

Chat-bot (Facebook Messenger)

The Chat-bot component allows you to interact with customers in a chat interface using an automated bot. A range of common queries are configured beforehand and in these cases the system will query the underlying ERP to craft a suitable response.



Digital Assistants

The Digital Assistant component allows you to interact with customers through an automated voice interface such as with Amazon Echo devices. This includes the ability to answer common queries such as balance or calendar enquiries in real-time. Where a customer might have traditionally made a phone call to get an answer, now they can ask the question directly themselves without a cost to you. This results in greater customer satisfaction at a lower cost.

Connected Devices (IoT)

The self-service component includes support for connected devices such as buttons and sensors. When an action is triggered by a device it is matched to the stored customer and device profile and then the appropriate action is delivered into your ERP. In this way customers can initiate their own on-demand services such as requesting the emptying of a container without calling your call center.

Typical Benefits

Customer Self-Service brings many benefits including:

  • Greatly improved customer satisfaction
  • Calls diverted to lower cost self-service channels
  • Automated self-service channels available 24/7
  • Real-time job processing enabling on-demand services
  • Customers get service when, where and how they want
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