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8.2 Feature Highlights

Delivering increased productivity, margin expansion and reduced operational risk across multiple industry processes

Feature highlights for AMCS Platform 8.2

With each release of AMCS Platform improving our users’ experience is a key deliverable.

With this 8.2 release, we are providing users with on-screen prompts and step-by-step guides on new features that support their business area.

All new features and functionality are delivered on our enterprise-grade Microsoft Azure environment and designed based on our industry and user experience expertise.  With intuitive, smart and user-friendly designs over key industry-functionality, we’re consistently improving efficiencies for our customers that support top and bottom-line growth objectives.

AMCS Platform 8.2 release is packed with new modules and feature enhancements to increase productivity, drive margin expansion and reduce operational risk across customer management and inbound and outbound logistics processes.

Let’s run you through the feature highlights delivered in our first release of 2020.

Smart User Experience

A key strategy for us is to ensure our users' have the best experience possible. Our UX teams are industry and subject-matter experts who continually create feature and module design enhancements that increase productivity. 

From customer service representatives and yard inspectors through to your drivers, we are enabling faster onboarding and greater efficiencies with our smarter user experience.  

Key highlights:

  • Embedded Digital Training Tool delivers a smart walkthrough that guides the user step by step to complete key tasks and processes within the AMCS Platform. This training tool supports and speeds up user adoption,  simplifies the onboarding process and reaffirms best-practice application use. 
  • The Platform web-based user interface is reducing the number of screens and clicks it takes to complete tasks. 8.2 modules and enhancements are automating workflows and new designs are intuitively supporting you across customer management, inbound and outbound logistics process, and scale operations. 

Customer Management

The 8.2 release is simplifying customer management workflows and transferring increased usability and functionality to our web-based platform. 

Key highlights:

  • Casual Customer Onboarding has been given design and process enhancements which results in quicker call resolutions with your casual customer and CSRs/agents.
  • Price books: Price books ensure the right price for the service being charged. Simply put, our price books module is now available with enhanced designs and streamlined workflows to support you to improve margins and reduce the risk of applying the wrong price to a product or service.
  • Geo-Fencing: Geo-fencing supports geographical variances to improve pricing structures, and therefore expand your margin and reduce the risk of onboarding customers outside a catchment area.
casual customers.png

Image: Casual customers onboarding screen

Inbound processing  

Demand Planning module enhancements

  • Reduce time on administrative tasks with mass job creation, calendar-based scheduling and quick edit material and PO.
  • Improve cost control with a dashboard view of planned versus actual material costs.
Demand Planning Summary screenshot.png

Image: Demand Plan Summary Screen

Click to learn more on the AMCS Demand Planning module. 

Grading & Quality Evaluation module enhancements

  • Improve control over the quality process with non-conformance and quality form enhancements.
  • Increase productivity with a single step and screen approval process.
  • Material sequencing: Manage and track material more efficiently with added functionality to support multi-customer inbound loads and plant processing areas.  
Grading materials decsktop view.png

Image: Grading & Quality module desktop view

Outbound logistics

Material Sales

  • Complete visibility into the material sales process with a dashboard view to track each job.
Material sales sales order.png

Image: Sales order view

Scale Operations and Transportation

AMCS Driver Assisted Terminals (DAT)

  • An unmanned self-service optimal weighing experience that enhances the scale house weighing process, reducing operating costs and mitigating risk.
  • Supports all inbound and outbound scale transactions.
  • Supports schedule type operations, route commercial and domestic collections.

AMCS Mobile

  • Reduce risk to your business with enhanced EA (Environmental Agency) and chain of custody compliance workflows and documentation.
  • Enhance the quality control process and increase productivity with remote driver debrief.
  • Further enhancements to the driver's mobile experience support faster on-boarding and a more instinctive and proactive experience for drivers.

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