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AMCS technology brings significant improvements to your business. A statement we prove to be true every day. Innovations, redefining the ‘Tailored to Waste’ experience with its optimised accuracy and efficiency. Stay tuned and read all about it in this news section.


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Automatically matching lifts minimises drivers interaction
Assisting the driver while on his route to empty bins and at the same time minimising the need for drivers interaction, is one of the main benefits of GPS Matching which automatically matches every to the correct customer. With this, GPS Matching automates both the collection process and the matching of lifts to the correct customers.
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Smart cities living lab for innovative waste collection concepts
Digitisation is key in smart cities concepts. Fine-meshed digital webs connect networks like distribution hubs, logistic supply chains, traffic control systems and waste collection. Next-generation technology such as cognitive sensors with built-in intelligence, in the near future, enable these digital braids to communicate with each other. With this, smart sensors pave the way for new innovative business models, including those for innovative waste management concepts.
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Retura IRIS strengthens their position in the Norwegian Waste Management industry through modern technologies.
The waste company Retura IRIS, a part of one of the leading waste management franchises in Norway, has completed the deployment of the AMCS Platform. Through this deployment they aim to deliver an exceptional service experience to their customers by automating the full order to cash process and at the same time offer online services to their customers.
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End-to-end solution covers all metal recycling business processes
A comprehensive coverage of all business processes in metal recycling. The AMCS Metal Recycling Software provides exactly that. That is clear from the presentation of Christian Pollklesener, Head of Professional Services, AMCS Germany, during the eREC 2020 virtual tradeshow. In this webinar, he explains what this means in detail and how this can be a great asset for metal recycling companies.
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3 Steps to Success with Change Management: Interview with Sharae Matteu
Success in enterprise management is easier said than done, as organizations must grapple with both the technical and human sides of change management to achieve their goals. Drawing from her experience working across the AMCS customer base, Sharae Matteu, customer success team lead for North America, outlines a multi-step best practice for addressing technical change management:(1) Ask what the organization wants out of technology, (2) Accept that change will be necessary, and most importantly, (3) Ask Again to ensure buy-in across the organization.
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TJ Waste puts flexibility and operational excellence at the forefront of company growth plans.
TJ Waste & Recycling, a leading independent waste management company based in the South of the UK, has announced they are migrating their current AMCS IWS system to the enterprise, cloud based AMCS Platform. The decision will enable TJ Waste to increase their operational flexibility and efficiency and to offer even better service and more convenience to their existing and new customers.
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The AMCS Platform experience: see it for yourself now
Digital transformation integrates digital technologies, creating a new eco-system where your processes work together to create real value. This isn’t simply about technology, however. It’s a cultural change too. It’s embracing empowerment through digitalisation.
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Over-react, under-react, or get it right
What are the chances your decisions, based on that information, will maximise profitability? Basing decisions on outdated information will mean you either over-react or under-react. To get it right, you need real-time data and analytics to tell you what it means. This is business intelligence. AMCS Platform supports solutions that handle your end-to-end operations. One critical solution is AMCS Analytics, which drives insight into your business, enabling you to make smarter decisions.
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True or False: You need a proprietary IT architecture designed just for your C&I waste company
An off-the-shelf solution will serve you better, though not all are created equal. You want a platform that adheres to best practice. This is AMCS Platform, designed specifically for the C&I and C&D waste industries. AMCS Platform is Microsoft Azure-based SaaS, so there’s no upfront capital investment.
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Why SMBs need to move to the cloud with AMCS Platform
As the world moves forward after unprecedented times, stability and continuity are more important than ever to small- and medium-sized businesses. This is especially true in the Commercial & Industrial waste industry, a sector where constant change is the nature of the business. One problem that many SMBs suffer even during the best of times is inefficiencies in outdated ways of working. Specifically, they use on-premise software, which holds them back. Adopting digitalisation on the cloud must absolutely become a priority. This will help SMBs gain significant efficiencies that reduce operating costs while making them agile and more competitive.
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