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14 Oct 2020

Reisswolf first Dutch customer to go live with AMCS Platform

Reisswolf, part of Van Munster Recyclers, is the first Dutch customer to go live with AMCS Platform. This ultramodern, scalable platform optimises all operational business processes of waste collectors and processors. With the migration to Platform, Reisswolf also globally has a scoop. The company is the first worldwide to go live simultaneously with three solutions from Platform: AMCS Enterprise Management (ERP), AMCS Intelligent Optimisation and AMCS Mobile Workforce.

Reisswolf has automated all operational processes with AMCS Platform for the paper collection, recycling and archive destruction, optimising collection routes and executing collection routes with the mobile solution. The software is in Dutch and tailored to the specific Dutch industry requirements. AMCS also supports certification of the collected and destroyed archives. Reisswolf thus complies with Dutch laws and regulations.

AMCS Enterprise Management (ERP)

The ERP solution of AMCS Platform automates Reisswolf's complete order management, including contract management with the frequency to lift bins and order acceptance. There is great diversity and wide variation in both customer contracts and the orders to emptying containers. “As a result, the collection is very dynamic, especially in combination with the ad-hoc orders,” says Harold van Munster CEO of Reisswolf. 

AMCS Fleet Planner

According to him, this dynamic collection requires an even more dynamic planning. “AMCS Fleet Planner provides the possibility to plan all collection orders and to optimise the collection routes. After order intake in AMCS ERP, the jobs are automatically sent to Fleet Planner for planning and automatic route optimisation. At any given time the planning has real-time insight into the collection operation and can make adjustments wherever it is necessary, for example by assigning an ad-hoc order instantly to a vehicle. Furthermore, Fleet Planner enables Reisswolf to monitor an important critical performance indicator: the number of tons per kilometre. Specifically because of this, route optimisation is of an added value for the company", says Van Munster.

AMCS Mobile Workforce

The routes optimised in Fleet Planner are automatically sent to the driver's tablet. During the execution of the waste collection route, AMCS Mobile exchanges data with AMCS ERP. Van Munster: "This allows us to monitor even more accurate data, such as the number of bins lifted, the mileage and the collected tonnes. With AMCS we even have even possibilities to respond to the dynamics of our customer's demand. Since the entire process is digitised, there is hardly any need for paper documents. As a result, the driver’s work is almost completely paperless. ”

Going live with Platform achievement of collaboration of Reisswolf and AMCS

“Reisswolf going live with Platform is important for the Dutch market, says Wout Krist, senior project manager at the AMCS Group. “With that, the end-to-end solution proves itself in the Netherlands for both waste collectors and recyclers. We, therefore, are very proud of the result achieved by the Reisswolf and AMCS team. Reisswolf's commitment and involvement were decisive in this. Especially because of this joining of forces, we all look back on the project with pleasure.”

AMCS Platform

The AMCS Platform is designed based on the experiences of thousands of waste and recycling companies around the globe and is inspired by global market trends. Platform stimulates automation and optimises all operational business processes. The ultra-modern, scalable platform combines industry-specific software with the very best optimization options and innovations, including e-commerce and vehicle technology.

AMCS Platform consists of six solutions, including Enterprise Management, Intelligent Optimisation with Route Plannner and Fleet Planner, Mobile Workforce, Vehicle Technology, Digital Engagement and Analytics. The six solutions fit together like a puzzle to form the unique end-to-end integrated SaaS solution for the waste and recycling industry.

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