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21 Sep 2020

Retura IRIS strengthens their position in the Norwegian Waste Management industry through modern technologies.

The AMCS Platform enables Retura Iris to deploy new digital services to their Customers and fulfil UN Sustainable Development goals.

Limerick, Ireland, September 21st: The waste company Retura IRIS, a part of one of the leading waste management franchises in Norway, has completed the deployment of the AMCS Platform. Through this deployment they aim to deliver an exceptional service experience to their customers by automating the full order to cash process and at the same time offer online services to their customers.

The AMCS Platform was chosen as their primary ERP-system covering the complete business process, from customer management, dispatch and logistics, order handling in the trucks, invoicing and the interface with the corporate finance and reporting systems.

Retura Iris CEO Anders Tverbak is pleased with the new system. “We were looking for a solution that covered all of our key processes, both internal and external. On top of that, we have a strategic focus on developing our business process to fulfill the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The AMCS Platform offers fantastic capabilities to drive optimized routes and processes to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Compliance of Norwegian and ISO 20022 standards

“The AMCS solution was chosen after a detailed review of the Waste Management ERP-systems in Norway. At the time, the solution was not fully ready for the Norwegian market, and we have worked closely together with the AMCS team and participated in the development and adaption

 “We needed a platform and solution that helps us reach our strategic goals, which is to offer efficient waste handling to our customers and be certain that we can develop the system as new requirements arise in our industry and with the overall digital development of such systems. Choosing a system that was not 100% ready for our home market was a risk, for sure. However, we weighted the value of being able to participate in the localization and adaption of the software. This way, our project group has an ownership and deep understanding of the AMCS platform.”

The AMCS solutions are now compliant with both Norwegian and international standards such as digital invoice directly from the AMCS Platform using EHF 3.0 standards, and digital and automatic import of payments directly from the bank using ISO-20022 standards.

Real-time overview of all business processes

AMCS is the primary system for Retura IRIS and handles the complete business process. Anders explains:

“We plan out the logistics of the waste collection, handle our customer relations and invoices, and connect our administration with our drivers to create an efficient internal work process. Unlike our previous ERP system, AMCS gives us an intuitive real-time overview of all of our business processes.”

Tverbak concluded: “It does not stop here. Our customers will soon get access to a modern customer portal where they get a view of all their activities, they can create new orders, review invoice statuses and a view of their statistics in real-time. All of this will further improve our customer experience.”

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