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Commercial Recycling

Recycling is a key component of modern waste reduction

Commercial Recycling

Enterprise Software for the Recycling Industry

As software specialists in the recycling and solid waste industry, AMCS plays a key role in this age of transition. The trend to digitalize business, and automate operating processes is accelerating.

Complexitiy of Commercial Recycling operations

More and more organizations in the recycling industry aim to contribute to the growing circular economy. AMCS, being a proven leader in providing software solutions to recycling industry, has made significant investments to support the transformation of the industry.  Now more than ever, it is crucial that Commercial Recycling businesses understand the complexities of their operations. From minimizing supply costs, to managing inventory, and maximizing margin, having the best software to is the key to success.

Offering a Complete Solution

For the fast-growing and rapidly evolving global recycling market, AMCS offers the only complete solution set. Whether your business is involved in paper and packaging, plastics, or the metal recycling industry, the AMCS platform addresses every one of your operational needs.  From the optimization of your fleet, to managing inbound material coming from suppliers, material grading and contamination recording, to inventory management, as well as material sales and material trading, the AMCS Platform covers every part of your business operations.

Paper Recycling

Paper recyclers are tasked with procuring fiber, processing, and producing feedstock for the paper mill as efficiently as possible. Collecting recycled material from different suppliers, dealing with numerous sites, and understanding transportation impact offers a challenge to effectively managing your supply costs. To assure that you are addressing these challenges, you need to have complete visibility of your operations. With AMCS’s platform you can consolidate a wide range of data into one central repository. Powerful reporting capabilities allow you to easily configure the data, extract critical information and make important business decisions.  From managing scale house operations, to creating standardized or custom pricing mechanisms, carrying out demand planning, or creating supplier contracts, AMCS offers standardization and consolidation. The AMCS Enterprise Management Solution is the most comprehensive and technologically advanced software solution to manage your entire paper recycling business.



Scrap Metal Recycling

Making Scrap Metal recycling profitable starts with understanding your margins. Changing prices, complex pricing structures, contamination of material, downtime of facilities, employee safety are challenges recycling companies are faced with. AMCS's Enterprise solution effectively addresses these challenges and more. Our systems support your business dealing with these challenges by giving best insights and streamlining your daily operations. The AMCS platform integrates with a large variety of scale house indicators in real-time, eliminating the double entry of weigh ticket data. It supports pricing, customer self-billing and supply and demand matching. Our platform provides data and analytics, providing maximum insights on the business. Users worldwide count on its browser-based reporting, touchscreen point-of-purchase, point-of-sale, production and tagging to streamline their operations. Back office transactions are fully integrated and exception alerts keep managers ahead of potential critical business anomalies. Users of AMCS solutions meet today’s challenges with proven technologies from the industry software solutions leader.

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